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Mother Centralized Digital Currency. Your Global Mother USD for Cryptocurrencies Transfer MUSD start trading today!

Coin Name: Mother USD, Symbol: MUSD 
Total Supply: 10000000000 
Minimum Supply: 60,00,00,000 
Maximum Supply: 90,00,00,000
Free Mining Coin : 50,00,00,000 
Target User:  50,50,500
Refer Target: $25,00500 
Exchange Listing: 15,00,00,000
Marketing: $50,00,000 
Mother MUSD Whitepape

a. MUSD offers near zero volatility. against existing digital assets and other global fiat currencies. with the latter, MUSD offers you a hedge against global inflation especially in times like these when national currency are Depreciating. 

b. Using offers a safe haven when transacting with cryptocurrency hence, it will hope you hedge against price fluctuations when engaging in global e-commerce, giving you an opportunity to    execute quickly. 
Additionally,  it aids your ability to access DeFi Products and service available on the Mother World Chain platform and other protocols without worry of price movement. 

c. MUSD will act as a global currency giving investors an opportunity to transact a stable and globally accessible currency. 

d. MUSD is a universal currency accessible to all because its trustless and will be used in cross-border transactions. 

e. Finally, with MUSD we offer support to capital market orders, allowing users to participate in DEFI financial functions such as derivatives and Market.  

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---- Mother CEO SHAN

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